Content is what your website is all about

The content of your website is why people come to visit. In some respects it hardly matters what the site looks like at all, but what you say and the media that goes with it is of primary importance.

It’s all too easy to dive in to try out the latest designs and to spend ages on making your site look fantastic, which is a bit of a waste of time if you have very little for them to see. A parallax scrolling fantasia is all very well but an entirely wasted effort if there is not much information to look at.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stuff as much into your website as is humanly possible, cramming War and Peace onto one infinite page, with pictures of kittens to alleviate the huge chunks of text.

We will take a look at the well-presented, less-is-more, information rich pages you can produce and also some of the understanding we now have of human interaction with screens and websites.

Content is king

In January 1996 one Bill Gates wrote an essay which had the title “Content is King” and published it on the Microsoft website. What he was talking about was that content is what people will pay for, and the growth in the sector of Content Marketing for business.


In the world of web design the phrase “content is king” tends to have another meaning: it is the content of the website that decides best how you design your site.

A picture gallery, items for sale, a series of blog posts, videos, an academic paper or news article: all have a growing convention on how best to present them on a web page both for the ease of viewing and also for the technology being used to visit the site.


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