Introducing Mr. Orange

This is about developing a website from scratch. Its not supposed to be the definitive in anything, least of all web design, codingĀ orĀ best practice. What we are doing is a practical series of posts that starts from the beginning and tries to explain how to get a website online starting from a blank screen.

Orange Animation

What we won’t do

There are many, many frameworks, content management systems, tutorials and advice on the internet on how to create and maintain a web site. We won’t be doing a complete “how to” and we won’t be calling the result some ridiculous things such as “awesome”‘ “cool”‘ or “beautiful”.

What we will do

Make a web site that works on all screens, is simple and straightforward to use and can be added to either by coding or using a Content Editor. We will also be creating a specification for the website and working in a highly modular fashion to extend both the code and documentation as we go along: a work in progress that builds bit by bit.

As a bonus, we will also add in some of the best design bits currently on the internet, such as galleries, video players, display techniques, all adding to the basic website. Each will be accompanied by links to downloads and files that can be used and adapted to your own work.

Here’s Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange

The star of our website, a character I used in 2007 as part of a course on an introduction to animation. There will be lots more about him as we develop the new website specification and he will feature both here and in his own web site.

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