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Content is what your website is all about

The content of your website is why people come to visit. In some respects it hardly matters what the site looks like at all, but what you say and the media that goes with it is of primary importance. It’s all too easy to dive in to try out the latest designs and to spend […]

Why do you need a website?


Nearly all websites are created for a purpose. This can be for anything from making money or indexing the entire internet, to displaying large numbers of pictures of cats for some reason. Any website you will build will have goals and even the biggest of sites can be summarised easily. Ideally you can describe what your site is about in one […]

Introducing Mr. Orange

This is about developing a website from scratch. Its not supposed to be the definitive in anything, least of all web design, coding or best practice. What we are doing is a practical series of posts that starts from the beginning and tries to explain how to get a website online starting from a blank screen. What […]